First of all, the word souvenir should collect more vowels.  What a stupid word to spell.  Second of all, I am going on VACATION tomorrow and I could not be more excited.  Except that we are only going to Tennessee.  I guess I could be more excited.  With Baby Beretta to factor in we can no longer book those romantic Couples Only Resorts.  That was nice while it lasted.  Instead the hubby and I are going to load into the family truckster like the crazy Griswolds and drive to Dollywood.  Apparently there is a new Titanic Museum that I have to check out, as well as an upside down house.

Last year we took a long weekend trip to Las Vegas.  What a great place for a 4 year old!  The highlight of my trip was eating at Wahlburgers.  Before I left I was asked to bring back souvenirs for some of my co-workers.  People ask for the strangest things.

  • For the record – I collect Magnets, that is not strange!
  • My girlfriend Susan collects Restaurant Menus
  • Karen and Wendy both collect shot glasses
  • Eric collects Beer
  • Dee collects tea cups
  • Dr. Bret collects belt buckles
  • Nana collects teddy bears
  • Louise used to collect those weird state spoons
  • Tim Thomas collects playing cards

Do you collect anything?  Better get your requests in before I hit the road – JB