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These Foods could actually be killing you!

It looks like I’m going to have to change my diet.  I had a Hot Dog yesterday and found out today that this is one of the foods that is so unhealthy that is actual described as fatal according to recent studies!

So let’s look at all the foods I eat and most of them are killers.

“Bad news for lovers of hot dogs, breakfast cereals and other so-called “ultra Processed” foods…believe it or not, they’re unhealthy.  Two recent studies found that such foods can even be fatal, with a 62 percent increased risk of premature death among people whose diet includes large amounts of ultra-processed foods.

Another study found that people who chow down on processed foods heavy in sugar, salt and preservatives consume about 500 extra calories a day vs. people who eat fresh meats and vegetables.

So how many of these foods are you eatin’?

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