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These people actually having fun @ work? April Fool’s!

Who dances at the office…really?  And no, it’s not really an April Fool’s joke but I couldn’t find a better picture to represent the day?

As a kid, April Fool’s Day was fun.  The “kick me” on someone’s back, “your shoes are untie” prank or zipper’s down…

Should adults even partake in April Fool’s Day.  That day so got away from me as a father and yes, my kids would always remind me of the celebration with one of the aforementioned jokes on me.

Here are some April Fool’s Fun facts and no foolin’!

A survey by MFour Mobile Research reveals that 25% of people are willing to play an April Fool’s prank at work. Other findings:

– 69% of people typically take part in an April Fool’s prank.

– 22% of pranksters target colleagues on April Fool’s Day.

– 20% of pranksters target parents on April Fool’s Day.

– 53% of pranksters target friends on April Fool’s Day

– 46% of pranksters target their partner on April Fool’s Day.

– 2.7% of pranksters have received a reprimand at work for an April Fool’s prank.

– 17% of people have pranked someone with a whoopee cushion

– 21% of people have pranked someone with toy bugs, rodents and snakes

A survey by the Creative Group reveals that 71% of marketing execs and 45% of advertising execs think April Fools Day jokes are inappropriate in the workplace. The April Fool’s joke Tennie Pierce’s fellow firefighters played on him may be the costliest of all-time. He sued the L.A. Fire Department and the city of Los Angeles after his co-workers spiked his spaghetti and meatballs with dog food. Tennie won $1.43 million.

A survey by Harris reveals that 18% of people have a family tradition of pranking one another on April Fool’s Day. Other findings:

– 24% of people think “Kick Me” signs are funny

– 57% of adults have a lower appreciation for pranks now that they’re older

– 41% of people think pranks are funny as long as they are not the target

– biggest April Fool’s targets: 76% best friend … 73% spouse/significant other … 72% siblings

– 53% of people believe pranking parents is off limits

– 56% of people believe pranking young kids is off limits

– 64% of people believe pranking bosses and teachers is off limits

A survey by Lab42 reveals that 26% of pranksters think “changing the clocks” is the best April Fool’s Day prank. Other findings:

– 40% of people use Facebook for their April Fool’s Day joke

– 8% of people use Twitter for their April Fool’s Day joke

– 32% of people prank a friend on April 1st

– 22% of people prank their significant other on April 1st

-1% of people prank their boss on April 1st

A survey by reveals that 33% of workers have been pranked in the office on April Fools’ Day. Other findings:

– 25% of office workers have pranked a co-worker

best gags from the poll of 5,000 workers:

Gluing phones to receivers,

dumping goldfish into water coolers,

changing office clocks.

changing a co-worker’s computer wallpaper into the screen that pops up when your entire system is about to crash.

hiding of a colleague’s cellphone in the ceiling tiles, so no one can locate the ring.

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