These Three Types of Fourth of July Injuries Are on the Rise

I was challenged to hold a firecracker (Black Cat) as long a I could after I lit the fuse when I was 11 years-old.  I did it but let go a little to late to find my forefinger and thumb a bit numb for quite a long time.  I healed but admit, it was one of those stupid things you wish your kids wouldn’t try.  Here are three others 4th of July injury warnings.

We’re gearing up for Fourth of July weekend.  So here’s a reminder to make sure it’s a SAFE one for you and your family.

A few different Fourth of July related injuries have been on the rise over the last decade.  Here are the top three to be aware of . . .

1.  Firework injuries.  They’re up 32% since 2012, partly because parents don’t keep a close enough eye on their kids.  The most at-risk group is teens between 15 and 19.  Last year, one in eight injuries caused by fireworks were in that age group.

2.  Grilling injuries are up 18% in the last decade.  Little kids are the most likely to get burned.  One in five patients who show up to the E.R. with a grill-related injury are under the age of 10.

3.  Heat-related deaths.  They’re up 56% in the last three years alone.  People at the highest risk for heat stroke are babies, young kids, and seniors 85 and up.

(Value Penguin)