They Did “What” To Your Yearbook Picture???

So did you see the story of the Florida high school that edited a bunch of pictures of students in their yearbook. There was no warning or consultation and there was no violation of school dress codes. Did I mention the yearbook cost $100? Oh and all the edits were done on female photos,  mostly to cover very small bits of cleavage!  The school: Bartram Trail High School in St. Johns County, Fla. I get dress codes. I’m certainly not a prude (I raised two daughters) and I live near Hinsdale Central High School and I am at times amazed at what some of the girls wear to school and why some items are inappropriate, but this seems beyond extreme and without notice or merit. Read for yourself the whole piece on this.

Florida High School Edits Girls Yearbook Photos To Cover More Of Their Chests. Click Here.