Things That Young Adults Think Their Parents’ Generation Got Right

I think my son, Hunter thinks I did some things right.  I was surprised he quoted me the first paper he wrote at College.  I think a tear might’ve come to my eye (right eye) when he shared it with me.  He said, my Dad always said, “positive breeds positive” and while he had heard it a lot it was not until he went to college and realized it was deeper than just that.  He continued his writing about that saying and even got a good grade.  Love it.

Boomers take a lot of ribbing from young people for the uncool things they do . . . including silly stuff like the thumbs-up emoji, using ellipses in texts, and watching a ton of cable news.

But now young adults are talking about things that their parents’ generation got RIGHT.  And the highlights include:

The neighborhood watch . . . not sharing EVERYTHING about their lives, like people do on social media now . . . fixing things, as opposed to just throwing stuff away and buying new stuff . . .

Affordable housing (although it’s debatable whose fault that is) . . . hospitality to total strangers . . . helping neighbors, and “community” in general . . .

Super simple hiring, where you could just walk into a place and ask for a job . . . having REAL art and not mass-produced décor . . . and owning physical copies of music and movies, rather than digital everything.

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