Think You’ve Already Had COVID?

I’ve heard many different excuses from people on why they aren’t getting vaccinated. Vaccines have not been fully approved, I’m a very healthy person who doesn’t get sick, I want to see what the vaccines long term affects are, it’s my choice not to take it or I think I already have had COVID which gives me the anti-bodies so I’m good. Well I’m not going to dismiss any of these, but just remember even if you have had COVID that doesn’t mean you can’t get it again. Texas Governor Greg Abbott was fully vaccinated and yet he now has tested positive for the virus. People who are vaccinated can still get COVID but the vaccine so mitigates the severity and danger of virus that it seems to me a no-brainer to take the shots. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated now and without more cooperation and compliance this madness will continue to kill. The CDC is now recommending a booster shot 8 months after your 2nd shot for most Americans. None of us like wearing masks, but they do help to slow airborne circulation while giving some protection. The Vaccine is the answer!!  We just don’t wanna have to continue to wear those masks if there is another way and there is! Get vaccinated. In case you’re one of those who believes they have already had COVD here’s a piece on what your symptoms might have been.

Sure Signs You’ve Already Had COVID.