My thoughts about pit bulls have usually been something along the line of, Oh sure, I know they can be friendly and loving, but they’re so strong, they can turn any time they decide to and destroy you.  Which I suppose is technically true.  They do have that power.  But apparently if they’re trained properly and loved and not used as part of (illegal) dog fighting, having one could be like having Superman on your side.

Case in point:  Zeus, an 8-month-old pit bull who lived in Florida, recently saved the lives of two young brothers who were in danger of  being attacked by a coral snake.  The Richardson brothers were cleaning Zeus’ water dish when he noticed the venomous nearby and attacked the snake before it could attack the boys.

Unfortunately, Zeus was bitten four times by the snake.  He was immediately taken to the vet where he was given antivenom, but it wasn’t in time, making this yet another story of a faithful dog who gave his own life to save his beloved people.

The Richardson family want the public to be aware that pit bulls get a bad rap.  They say, “If you train a pit bull right, they would give their life for you, and we owe our son’s life to Zeus.”

Here are more details about the story: