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This Could Help Combat The Common Cold

Got the sniffles and a cough? Burning up the mercury with a fever? You might be suffering from the common cold.

If you’d like a more natural approach to feeling better, skip the drug aisle and go straight to the dairy section at the store!

According to a new study, you should grab a container of yogurt in addition to the more tried and true remedies.

While the National Dairy Council’s VP of Nutrition Research, Mickey Rubin, points out that more investigation will be needed, he does admit, “There are some things (in yogurt) we can point to that, in theory, would be beneficial.”

Dietician Kristi L. King also tells CNN, “I wouldn’t rely solely on yogurt to fight the cold, but in conjunction with a healthy diet, yogurt may be beneficial.”

Any cold remedies that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!

Danielle Tufano

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