You’ve been warned.

A Florida dog is being called a hero after it gave its life to save its owners.

Zippy, a Jack Russell Terrier, died of smoke inhalation early Wednesday after making sure every member of the Butler family had safely exited their Bradenton home. Leroy Butler says after the fire broke out, Zippy went “back and forth, from bed to bed” until everyone was awake and had left the burning house. It was then that the Butlers realized their beloved pet was still inside. “The floor in the living room was all on fire so there was nowhere for him to run out,” Butler says. “He was a short little dog. There was nowhere for him to go.”

Butler says he tried to save Zippy, but the fire had become too big for him to enter. By the time firefighters found the dog it was too late. “We adopted him as a pet,” an emotional Butler says. “So we can only … I can only say he was a good dog. He only did what he could.”

What’s the most amazing thing your pet has ever done?