This is Why I Love Foxfire. They Are Helpers.

About a week ago I got wind of something that is equally very cool and not surprising. My buddy KC, the owner and head chef of Foxfire and Copper Fox, both in Geneva, was donating meals to the volunteers and National Guard troops running the mass vaccination site at the old Sam’s Club in Batavia.

This isn’t shocking because this is just what he does. It’s who he is. Back when the pandemic was just starting, he was doing the same thing for nurses and staff at a few western suburban hospitals. So not shock at all that he continues to feed the people who are giving their time to help our community heal.

Knowing this, I kind of ambushed him at the vaccine site. I could tell he wasn’t super comfortable talking about it, as you can probably tell in the video, but I just couldn’t let this happen with out people knowing about it.

Full disclosure, I am a paid endorser of Foxfire and Copper Fox, but no where does it say I had to go out here and take photos and do a video. I did that because I wanted to. Just like it isn’t mandatory for KC, or any of the other businesses in our area, to donate their goods and services. I couldn’t let an opportunity to shine a light on the great things Foxfire is doing in our own backyard slip by.

If you are looking for a spot for lunch today, support the good people at Foxfire (and soon Copper Fox) because they are out here supporting others as well!