Whilst taking our kids to see the big guy at Bass Pro Shop on Saturday afternoon, my brother and I had our families for dinner at Beer Market in Bolingbrook.

As we walked in we both noticed the basketball arcade game in the corner. We made on contact, and that’s all either of us needed to know it was going down at some point.

After the dust has settled, I destroyed him in this epic battle of pseudo-athletics.

Just check out the form!

That was my son Max screaming “Go Dad! Go Dad!” while my nephew Caige was probably feeling very embarrassed at his father’s performance.

Caige, to his credit, saw it coming. When I asked him who he thought was going to win, me or his dad. He, without any hesitation whatsoever, announced, “You, Uncle Nick.”

The above video serves no other purpose than to rub it in in a public forum. Eat it!