This Weather! Is It the New Normal?

So our weather this year has been quite tumultuous at best. The snows of February gave way to Spring sorta and then Summer like conditions, but we’ve been up and down as far as temps and storms go. Heavy rain, flooding and tornadoes. Very hot to cool and very wet and then back to hot and we’ve seen nothing compared to what they are dealing with out west. The heat wave continues and now the fires (and there are so many over 80 total) are impacting the weather. Our hazy skies here are a product of upper level smoke in the atmosphere coming from the the fire ravaged west coast. The Bootleg Fire in Oregon is “so large and generating so much energy and extreme heat that it’s changing the weather,” “Normally, the weather predicts what the fire will do. In this case, the fire is predicting what the weather will do.”


The Bootleg Fire In Oregon Is So Large it’s Creating It’s Own Weather. Click Here.