Three Brothers On Same College Football Team Score Team’s First Three Touchdowns of the Season

It’s every sports parent’s dream: have their sons all play on the same team. For the Tumiltys of Villa Park, that dream is playing out right now at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, and the season began on Saturday in storybook fashion.

In the Saints first game of the season on Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Joliet, each one of the Tumilty brothers, senior Scott, junior Sam and freshman Joey, scored the first three touchdowns of the Saints season.

First, it was the oldest, Scott, catching a screen pass from his younger brother and quarterback Sam, for a 10-yard touchdown, the first score of the game.


On the ensuing possession, the aforementioned Sam Tumilty, ran the ball 78 yards for a touchdown, which also tied the school’s all-time career rushing touchdowns record!


After the Saints defense denied their opponents again, the the Tumiltys took the field again on offense. After a 10-play drive, Sam threw it to his younger brother this time, for the third score of the game, a perfect 19-yard post route, completing the Tumilty trifecta! That wa also freshman Joey Tumility’s first collegiant touchdown catch.


The Tumilty boys all played at Willowbrook High School where their exploits on the gridiron will live on for quite a while. They now look to do the same wearing the Brown and Gold of USF.

The only question is are there MORE Tumiltys?! Well, yes, but she’s busy scoring goals on the Division III Carroll University soccer team. Truthfully though, I wonder what it would take to get here to St. Francis and perhaps kick some field goals and extra points?!