Three Myths About Getting Drunk We All Still Believe

I’m about to make your drunk life better.  Even if you’re drunk right now, at this hour, on a Tuesday.  We’re HUGE with that demographic.  Here are three myths about getting drunk that we all still believe.

They’re not true.  So stop letting them rule your life . . .

1.  Beer before liquor is actually fine.  You know the rhyme:  “Beer before liquor, never been sicker.  Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.”  It’s not true.  It doesn’t matter what order you drink your booze . . . just how much of it you drink.

2.  There’s no such thing as “breaking the seal.”  Do you stop yourself from hitting the bathroom as long as possible because you’re afraid of “breaking the seal”?  There’s no seal.  You’ll always need to go when your bladder is full.

3.  Hair of the dog won’t help a hangover.  You can’t drink away your hangover.  In fact, drinking the next morning can make your hangover last LONGER.

(The Takeout)