Three Tech Things to Set Up in Case You Die…

I would have never thought of any of these things.  My favorite is the Facebook tip.  Check it out below.

“The New York Post” just did a story on tech things you should set up now to protect your “digital legacy.”  Or in other words, in case you DIE.

A lot of our life is online and password protected now.  So the point is to make sure your loved ones can access it all . . . or CAN’T access it, depending on what it is.

Here are the three things they say you should set up immediately . . .

1.  A “Legacy Contact” on your Apple account.  Apple added a feature last year that lets other people access everything in your Apple account if you die, including photos, messages, and notes.  Just go to “Password & Security” in your iPhone settings.

2.  Your “Memorialization Settings” on Facebook.  They let you name a legacy contact who can write posts for you, update your profile pic, and get a copy of everything you’ve ever posted.

3.  Automatically wipe your Google history.  This one’s for stuff you might NOT want loved ones to see.  In your Google account’s “Web & App Activity” settings, there’s an option to auto-delete stuff every three months.

(NY Post)