Three Things People with Perfect Credit Scores Have in Common

Here’s some useful info if you’re trying to build your credit score up.  Someone went through stats and found three things people with perfect credit scores of 850 have in common . . .

1.  They’re usually older.  There aren’t many 25-year-olds with perfect credit scores.  According to Experian, 70% are over the age of 57, and just 4% are under 40.  It takes time to build credit, so keep expectations in check.

2.  They have more credit cards, but lower balances.  Your credit won’t skyrocket just because you get more cards.  But it does help as long as you don’t USE them more.  The average American has four credit cards, compared to six for people with perfect credit.

3.  They still have debt, but in personal loans.  The average interest rate for a personal loan is around 10%, or about half the rate for credit cards.  People with perfect scores actually owe almost TWICE the national average in personal loans.  But they have much lower balances on credit cards, and car loans too.