Ticketmaster Says Customer Credit Card Info Affected by Data Breach

As if they need more bad publicity, now there are more concerns for Ticketmaster customers!

The ticket seller sent an email to customers notifying them that sensitive information had been obtained by an “unauthorized third party.”

The incident, which involved information being obtained from a cloud database from a third-party services provider, is believed to have happened between April 2 and May 18.

Further raising eyebrows, they won’t say exactly how many customers in North America were affected by the breach.

Information that may have been obtained included customers’ names, payment card information, and contact information.

Just last month Ticketmaster’s parent company, LiveNation, announced a data breach.

The USA Today has a great wrap up of it all, if you are interested. Just know…if you give your information to anyone, it will likely be stolen at some point!