Did you see Tim’s Blog about filling in for Mitch Michaels?  I will try to link it at the bottom.  What a suck-up?!  Everyone knows that Mitch Michaels is the world’s sweetest, funniest, best looking, most awesome co-worker ever.  Just read his book, he will tell you that he is.  Today I am filling in for Rich Dale.  Here is the real radio hero!  Rich is the brains behind the operation.  Rich is the cream of the crop.  Rich is the pillar of the radio.  Rich is an extremely nice guy and the reason we all tune in.  Rich is the Mitch!  Now some of you may think that Scott Mackay is our radio legend.  He is not.  I am here to set the  record straight.  It’s Mitch and Rich in a tie and then Nick Jakusz, Chris Miles, The New John Guy, Tim and I, John Fay……then Scott Mackay.  The River Rocks and its mostly in part to guys in this order, TRUST ME!