Happy World Radio Day!  Tim Thomas in for Mitch and my Deep Cuts series rolls on.  I am sort of cheating with this one…but today in the letter “B” we talk about a band and an artist that has proven to be the Rolling Stones of my lifetime.  A band that can sell out stadiums, can play any kind of music and still be relevant today.  The band that bears his name…I am talking about Bon Jovi!

This band has been at the top of their game since the early 80’s and when the album Slippery When Wet came out, the band was the number 1 band in the world.  Rock anthems that have lasted, and they even had success with a record that was more of a country release.  The team of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora were a match made in heaven,  and hopefully they were get back together and make music again.

This Rock And Roll Hall of Fame band has had some amazing songs.  Choosing 4 for the Deep Cuts treatment wasn’t easy.  But here are my 4 selections for you to listen to:

In And Out Of Love-7800 Fahrenheit

Raise Your Hands-Slippery When Wet

Bounce- Bounce

We Got It Going On- Lost Highway

Give them a listen to below and feel free to share some of your favorites on our Facebook page! Thanks for listening!

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