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Tim Thomas’s Deep Cuts-Boston! Which Song Would You Add To Our Playlist?

Tonight on Deep Cuts, we feature the little ol’ band from Boston!  The band with the world’s largest pipe organ on stage!

This is a band I have seen live in concert…when Brad Delp was still with us.  Those voices…Tom Scholz on guitar…what a unique sounding band.  And they have only had 6 albums? But that debut one…what a classic!

So I have selected 4 songs that I think would sound great coming through the River’s airwaves.  Hopefully you will agree.  Your input is highly encouraged and other suggestions are welcomed.  My choices:

Let Me Take You Home Tonight

Feelin’ Satisfied

We’re Ready

Cool The Engines

One from their debut, One from Don’t Look Back and Two from Third Stage.  Give them a listen below and vote!


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