Happy Valentines Day!  Hope you get to spend it with a special someone.  I am in for Mitch again and I thought it would be fun to do a Deep Cuts featuring rock and roll love songs!

Now there a lot of songs about love.  Many songs with love in the title.  But not every song from various artists are played on our station.  So I had to do a little digging.  And listen to the lyrics and the story that is told.  This took a while.

But I think I have found 4 that you could argue are Deep Cuts.  Some you may recognize, some maybe not.  And certainly you can make suggestions by commenting on our Facebook page to share your favorite and perhaps dedicate it to your significant other.  Here are my 4 choices for you to listen to:

Wild Horses- Rolling Stones- From the Sticky Fingers album

Something-Beatles- From the Abbey Road album

Thank You- Led Zeppelin-From the Led Zeppelin II album

Just The Way You Are- Billy Joel-  The Stranger album

Got a favorite Deep Cut love song that deserves to be recognized?  Share it!  And have a safe Valentines Day!