Hope you had a great Hump Day!  It’s Tim Thomas in for Leslie Harris and I am wrapping up my Deep Cuts series and my final artist for the letter “S” is Chicago’s very own Survivor! Thank you to Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan and original vocalist Dave Bickler for forming this band!

This band had many great songs, but in 1982 they hit the big time when Sylvester Stallone wanted a “song with a pulse” for the theme to Rocky III.  And Eye Of The Tiger was a number one smash!  The song holds up today.  The song Burning Heart from Rocky IV also was a monster hit, landing at number 2 on Billboard.  Plenty of Top 20 songs in their library and I was able to select 4 to give the Deep Cut treatment to:

Rebel Girl- Debut Album

First Night- Vital Signs

Hungry Years- Greatest Hits 1993

Moment Of Truth- Karate Kid Soundtrack

You can listen to them below and feel free to share your favorites on our Facebook page!  Thanks for listening!