Good Saturday morning!  Hope you are warm, safe and sound.  It will be a cold weekend.  Maybe you need to just stay in and enjoy the great rock and roll we play!  I have entered the letter “T” in my Deep Cuts series and today we get to talk about one band that is underrated and belongs in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame…Thin Lizzy!

This hard rock band formed in Dublin Ireland and had the late great Phil Lynott as the front man.  12 studio albums.  And a lot of great music.  We remember them most because of the hit songs The Boys Are Back In Town, Whiskey In The Jar and the title cut from their album Jailbreak.  But trust me, there are many more tunes that are worthy of recognition.  Here are the 4 Deep Cuts that I have selected:

Rosalie- Fighting

Killer On The Loose- Chinatown

The Rocker- Vagabonds Of The Western World


Give them a listen below.  Hope you enjoy them and if you have some favorites, share them on our Facebook page.  Thanks again for listening!

~ Tim Thomas