Hope you are having a safe Thursday as we are one day closer to the weekend!  Can you say…YES! YES! YES! And that is who I am featuring on Deep Cuts tonight!  A band that made their name in the progressive rock category.

They formed in 1968, and have had 19 full time musicians in it’s history.  Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Geoff Downs, and Rick Wakeman are probably the most well known names.  And they are a member of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Class of 2017.

Their most successful album was 90125 released in 1983.  Owner Of A Lonely Heart was a monster hit.  Still holds up today.  Since they have been around so long, there were a lot of songs to go through.  But 4 Deep Cuts have been selected and you can listen to them below.

Leave It- 90125

Heart Of The Sunrise- Fragile

Shoot High Aim Low- Big Generator

Wonderous Stories- Going For The One

Do you agree with my choices? Got a few of your own? Share them on our Facebook page and thanks for listening!

~ Tim Thomas