Time to Pay Up and Chow Down on a Gross Sandwich

Well, I put my money where my mouth was, and now I’ll be putting a gross sandwich there, too.

I made a bet with my guy Scott Childers that the Sox would win their series against the Cubs, needless to say, I lost! So now I have to eat a gross sandwich from Subway.

You see, there was a Reddit thread that asked Subway sandwich makers – err, artists – about some of the weirdest sandwiches they have been asked to assemble. Here’s a few of them:

Meatball sub with scoops of seafood salad.

A sandwich toasted four times so it was, quote, “basically charcoal.”

A customer wanted so many olives he wound up calling the owner to demand more when the employees cut him off.

Wheat bread, every single condiment, nothing else.

An entire bottle of oil on a cold cut combo.

Meatball sub, no sauce, extra vinegar.

Two full bags of lettuce on a sandwich . . . that’s two pounds. And the guy would order it every single day.

Our bet was that the winner would choose one of the sandwiches for the loser to eat. Three bite minimum!

Well, I will be paying the piper this week. Stay tuned to the midday show and social media this week to see how it all shakes down.

Time to start mentally preparing…