Tips to keep Pets Safe During Coyote Mating Season

I always let my small dogs out and supervise them during their daily treks into the back yard.  I worry about Hawks and Coyotes.  Thanks to today’s Daily Herald, we have some tips to keep your pets safe.

A reminder for suburban residents: Coyote mating and birthing season lasts through May, and until pups are weaned, they may be more visible and aggressive. That means owners of cats and small dogs should be vigilant as coyotes are out and about establishing their territories and dens. While coyotes naturally are afraid of humans, they’re smart and can learn your routine. Here’s what you should do.

• Vary your dog-walking routine.

• Walk dogs on a short lease and be aware of your surroundings.

• Bird feeders attract small mammals looking for food that has fallen to the ground. Rake and remove the bird feed to prevent that. Also, keep pet food and water dishes inside and keep your grill and barbecue clean.

• Most coyotes are shy of human contact. If you see one on a walk, make yourself very big and loud to scare it away.

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