Now hopefully I’m not alone in this one, but I think this might come as a shock to most, I really don’t like rejection. Especially if its from my partner. Not just over sex either, I want my partner to always be there for me. I will even climb back into my shell if it gets really bad. (Maybe that’s why I’ve been divorced twice?)

I know all too well the feeling of being rejected and I gotta say it hurts (this just isn’t the guys I am talking about either woman feel this way too)! If you have ever experienced this, even in the most intimate of moments it can really hurt. It could even lead to a withdrawn partnership and that’s not good.

Well I found a kickstart project that those of us who can be timid might want to try. It’s a cool product that can help you feel a little less rejected when it comes to sex.  It’s a two button set, one for you and one for your partner.  Whenever either of you are in the mood, you just push the button.  If you both match up, your button will light up green.  If your button doesn’t light up, there’s no need to worry, perhaps your partner is just not in the mood at the time you are. There is no need to feel rejected because your partner will not know you pushed your button.

You can search for this product on the kickstart website (it’s called LoveSync) and even contribute to helping this product get to market, as it’s release date is set for August.

So what do you think of this, something that could be interesting or just another niche product? Let me know in the comments below.