Source: YouTube

Is there any chance this actually tastes good?  POWDERED BEER is now something that exists, and yeah, I’m as skeptical writing this as you are reading it!

A German brewery that’s been around since the 1500s came up with it.  It works the same way as instant coffee.  You just mix it with water and stir.

It’s apparently not the first time someone’s made powdered beer.  But this one’s carbonated, and that’s a first.  They claim it looks and tastes just like regular beer, which is VERY hard to believe.

The current version is non-alcoholic.  But they say a boozy version will be available in the next few months, and they’ll start selling it globally.  It’s something you could buy yourself, or bars might mix it with water to save money (please no).

So, why even do this?  Their answer is, like most things today, the environment.  It’s cheaper and easier to transport, so there’s a much smaller carbon footprint.

It’s part of a string of weird beers they’ve been working on.  For example, they’ve also got a BATH BEER in the works that’s specifically made for you to bathe in.

The beer industry is a crazy thing, man! You never know what’s coming down the pipe!