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To the moon, Alice!

Alice Cooper, that is.  Or maybe Aerosmith or Def Leppard.  You can help send River Rock and Roll to the moon!

Danielle mentioned this in her blog Friday morning, but in case you didn’t see that, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon shot, NASA is asking for Twitter suggestions for songs for the astronauts’ playlist when we head back the moon sometime before 2024.  (That’s the plan, anyway.)

I remember the Apollo 11 launch — sort of.  I was just a grammar school kid and I was fascinated by all things space.  Somehow I remember that I stayed home from school that day, but since it was July, that can’t be right.  It must have been day camp that I ditched.  I hated day camp.

Anyway, I had some kind of headache, or so I said, and I was ssupposed to rest my eyes by not watching TV.  But the moon launch was on!  So I got out my little tape recorder to at least get the audio.  But, starting with a guilty peek or two, I ended up watching it.  We’re talking history here!  Both the moon shot and me disobeying a rule!  (Yeah, I was one of those kids.)

But enough about me — let’s get back to the NASA playlist.  The Twitter hash tag to use for suggestions is #NASAMoonTunes.  Will you be the first one to suggest an excerpt from “Also Sprach Zarathustra” (2001)?  Probably not.  But one thing I’m pretty sure of — I imagine they’ll stay away from David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”.  You don’t watch The Poseidon Adventure on an ocean voyage.

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