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Today is Gourmet Coffee Day! Fill-up on some fun facts inside!

I love me some coffee.  I probably drink about 5 cups a day.  I like gourmet coffee but I do  not qualify as a snob because I will drink any coffee, even instant!  Check out the first fun-fact.  Some people judge heavily on those who drink the instant.

49% of people won’t date someone who drinks instant coffee (dating app TwoPeas)

A survey by the investing app Acorns reveals that 35% of Millennials have spent more money on coffee than investing in their retirement.

– 20% of singles say a coffee date is best for a first date (YourTango)

– 10% of dog owners allow their dog to drink tea or coffee (Webbox)

– 33% of people would give up coffee for a year in exchange for free pizza on demand (California Pizza Kitchen)

A survey by The Vitamin Shoppe reveals that 29% of people would give up caffeine and coffee if it meant never getting sick.

– 22% of stay-at-home moms never finish a cup of coffee or tea (Aveeno Baby)

– 70% of singles prefer dinner, coffee and cocktails over a movie or concert on a first date (POF)

– 51% of people would give up coffee for a year rather than lose their social media accounts (Your Storage Finder)

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