Today is National Album Day…in the UK.  I am certain Samantha James is celebrating for sure.

It is a day to celebrate the love of the music album as a body of work.  To enjoy your favorite releases of whatever kind of music you enjoy.  To listen to an album from start to finish.  Many artists are now doing this while on tour.  The Eagles will be doing Hotel California in its entirety.  The Who have done it with Tommy and Quadrophenia before.  Def Leppard in Vegas did the Hysteria release from beginning to end.

Think of this as a way to reinvest in a classic release where there does not seem to be a bad song on the album.  Not 1!  Just chill out…relax…and enjoy the music.

So what albums for me would get that treatment?  Here are a few of my favorites:

Boston- Debut release

Bryan Adams- Reckless

The Who- Who’s Next

Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon

Springsteen- Born In The USA

AC/DC- Back In Black

Do you have a favorite? Think of it this way…an album so good you could put in on a turntable…listen to it front to back…and listen to it so often that you wear out the album…and have to buy it again.   🙂

I know there are so many to choose from.  But today should be the day…to dig out the vinyl…set up your own turntable…and relive your youth the way music was meant to be heard and enjoyed by many.  Vinyl is becoming more popular again and it is having a resurgence.  And for many of us…we are elated!


~ Tim Thomas