So when I went to University my roommate was from a small town in Michigan called Imlay City.    Her parents had a business called the Country Corner.   It was a super cool store that seemed to sell everything.  From groceries to farm feed.  My Dad worked for an international company and went off to work everyday in a suit (and was often over seas doing business).  So needless to say… I thought having your parents own their own store was the coolest thing ever, and it kinda was and it kinda wasn’t.

As any small business owner will tell you, there are parts of owning your own business that is really living the dream … You are your own boss… you can be creative and no one is going to shut down your ideas… BUT there are parts of owning your own business that are truly a bit of a nightmare.  Essentially you never clock out.  Your life constantly revolves around the business and you are CONSTANTLY stressing over the financial success of it.  Also when salaries need to be paid … as the owner … you are often paid last.

So hats off to the Mom’s and Pop’s who bravely take the plunge and follow their dreams… Let’s go out and support them this weekend.  Go over to the River’s Facebook page and let me know what your favorite Mom and Pop business is so we can all check it out too.