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Today is National Pack-Rat Day. What do you collect?

My brother used to collect everything Marvel and Academy Award winning movies.  He had action-figures, special VHS/DVD collections.  Everywhere you looked, it felt like he lived in a Blockbuster store.  He had posters, one-of-a-kind collectible.  He kept it tidy but man what a lot of money he spent on his obsession with movies.

What do you collect that could probably be better served in the trash?  Here is the history of this special day.


National Pack Rat Day is observed annually on May 17.  This day encourages us to take a look at ourselves and see if we have “Pack Rat” tendencies within us.  A “Pack Rat” holds on to, collects or hoards (often unneeded) items.

“Pack Rat” can be considered an apt nickname for a hoarder.  They may develop problems with compulsive hoarding.  There are problems which may arise from compulsive hoarding which includes cluttered homes, yards, vehicles and other spaces.  Doing so may become dangerous for themselves as well as others.


Take a look around and maybe start cleaning out unwanted and unneeded items.  If you need to, call a friend to come and help you get started.  Once you clean out and clean up, you will feel good about what you have accomplished! Use #NationalPackRatDay to post on social media.


“Get to work, you have the rest of the weekend.”

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