Today is National Popcorn Day!  Popping the Fun Facts!

I throw a little red licorice in my popcorn.  I’m also prone to toss some M & M’s in there but never at the same time at the Twizzlers.  How about you?

Here are some Fun Popping Facts about the corn all but 8% of love.

72% of people munch on popcorn while watching scary movies (Redbox)

– Americans will eat two tons of popcorn on Super Bowl Sunday (Domino’s)

– 29% of people bring their own popcorn to the movies (Mintel)

– Delish magazine claims Hidden Valley Ranch is now selling ranch-flavored seasoned popcorn

– Favorite movie foods… popcorn followed by candy, ice cream and nachos (Chilean Blueberries)


And it’s good for you!!!!

A study by the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania) reveals that popcorn has more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. Popcorn has higher levels of concentrated antioxidants because it only contains 4% water while fruits and vegetables are made up of 90% water. Researchers discovered that one serving of popcorn has 300mg of antioxidants or nearly double the 160mg for all fruits per serving. They also found that the crunchy hulls of popcorn have the highest concentration of antioxidants and fiber.


Until it’s Not Good for you.

A study by the health group Consensus Action on Salt Health (CASH) reveals that movie popcorn should come with a warning label. A bucket of salty popcorn has more salt than two Big Macs and an order of fries. A large popcorn contains 5.1 grams of salt making it almost as salty as sea water.


Popcorn Ban In Movies: Mike Shotton, of Newcastle, England, once called for a worldwide ban on popcorn in movie theaters. The self-employed author told the Daily Express that movies, like Star Wars:, are being ruined by loud popcorn crunching. “I knew there would be a lot of kids there but I also thought it would be full of true fans wanting to watch the movie in peace. I couldn’t believe the amount of noise during the film, it completely ruined it for me.”


And finally, where do we chow down Popcorn the most?

1: At the movie theater (63%)
2: When watching TV or movies (62%)
3: Late night snack (30%)
4: As an easy snack for when I get home (22%)
5: At the office as a light snack (13%)