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Today is National Underwear Day! Tidy Whities are not good for you!

If you care, I am a boxer/brief wearer and it looks like I’m in the norm.  Hate the “too-small”, love the “just right.”  I tried regular boxers for a while but they just didn’t perform well for me.  Made the switch to the combo deal and the rest is underwear history.  Here are some fun facts.

A survey by Ask Men reveals that 42% of men wear boxer briefs. Other findings:

– 21% of men wear boxers

– 18% of men go commando or wear very little underwear.

– 40% of men prefer cotton briefs

– 2.4% of men prefer silk underwear

– 28% of men wait until their underwear is ripped or stained before buying a new pair

A study by Harvard University reveals that tighty whities are bad for men who are trying to have a child with their partner. Researchers say going commando or wearing boxer shorts are good for men because it keeps their body temperature cool and allows them to produce easier.

Men, who wear snug tighty whities, boxer briefs or bikini underwear have less of a chance of producing successfully because their body temperature is going to be higher resulting in a lower swimmer (sperm) count

A survey by the clothing brand George reveals that the average woman holds onto a pair of underwear for five years. Other findings:

– 10% of women make it a rule to wear matching bra and panties every day

– 60% of women are like men and will wear underwear they know are “past their best days”

– 33% of women have lacy lingerie for special occasions

– 10% of women own some sort of novelty underwear

A study by the online clothing retailer Banana Mood reveals that 31% of men wear their underwear two or more times before washing it. Other findings:

– 10% of women wear their underwear two or more times before washing it.

– 4% of men and 2% of women wear their underwear inside out to get more use out of it.

The NY Post claims a company called Menagerie is selling lingerie for men. Their line includes silk boxers, lacy pajamas and other silky underwear. Low-rise briefs sell for $69 while lacy biker shorts go for $89. Most of the underwear is sold out.

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