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Today is the 10th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Death

Hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the King of Pop died.  I am 8 years older than he was when he died.  I was lucky to grow up with all the transformations of his career.  From little Michael Jackson, to the Jackson 5 to just the Jackson’s to a solo career nearly 2nd to none.  He was amazing.  A true performer in every sense of the word. His Thriller video changed that world forever.  I can only imagine what he’d be doing now…

Today is the tenth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.  The 50-year-old King of Pop died from cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles.  An autopsy found anesthetic propofol and a handful of other prescription drugs in his system, and his doctor, Conrad Murray, spent two years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.  Jackson began his career in The Jackson Five with his siblings, and made his solo debut in 1971.  His second album, Thriller, spent 37 straight weeks at number one, has gone 33 times platinum, and is the second-best-selling album in history.  He had nine platinum singles, 16 gold singles, 13 number-one singles, and 28 top-ten hits in the U.S.  Jackson’s concert film, This Is It, is the highest-grossing documentary of all time.

What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

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