Americans have been internationally accused in the past (and present?) of being rather…shall we say, confident. Maybe not on the men’s soccer scene, as the Stars and Stripes haven’t had much to boast about, but the women though…they are absolutely destroying people in this year’s World Cup.

A nice win over France a few days ago (punctuated by the two goals and Instagram-able celebration depicted above by Megan Rapinoe!) sets up today’s highly anticipated match-up between the US and England. Whenever these two countries face off, it’s always fun, regardless of the contest. I’d tune in to watch USA v England Parcheesi!

Sure, maybe it’s not quite as popular on this side of the pond, but this is being predicted as the biggest television event of the year in England, and the biggest game in the history of English women’s soccer.

Since we have a lady Brit on staff here at The River, we may have to put something on the line here!

Even without any additional off-pitch drama, the game would be intriguing given what’s on the line, the history of the two countries, and the fact we are just a couple days away from Independence Day. But what fun would that be!? Of course there’s off-the-field drama!

Team England is accusing Team USA of shenanigans because USA officials were spotted at Team England’s hotel room!

USA officials say there were just there scouting the hotel because they would likely stay there in the even they beat England (ouuuuuu, shots fired!). English team officials say going to their hotel while they aren’t there is poor form because they could have access to the team’s meeting rooms, a breach of etiquette according to the head coach for Team England Phil Neville.

According to Neville, “It’s not something that England would do.”

Oh yeah, Phil?! Here’s another thing England hasn’t done: win! The USA has never lost a soccer match against England in World Cup competition, men or women!

Kickoff is set for 2:00 central time.

Let’s go, ladies!