Tom Brady! Remarkable At Any age!

So it’s Super Bowl week and we have the young vs the not so young. Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady. It’s kinda hard for a guy my age to call Tom Brady old so we’ll go with seasoned! Patrick Mahomes, the guy the Bears passed on to draft Mitch Trubiski. In his 3 full seasons Mahomes has played in 3 AFC Championship games winning 2 and is now in his 2nd Super Bowl winning his first one last year. His only loss in those Championship games was to New England led by that seasoned guy Tom Brady. This is Brady’s 10th Super Bowl and I know there are a lot of folks who are Brady haters out there, but I’m rooting for him and the Bucs simply because they beat Green Bay. Yeah Baby!! My other reason for cheering for the Bucs is my guys Nathaniel and Kane. My grandsons! They have become Bucs fans and there other grandpa Rocky, who lives on Long Island was able to secure them a Brady # 12 jersey for Nathaniel and a # 87 Gronk jersey for the Kaner. So there ya go, but you have to admire Brady’s amazing accomplishments. He holds every record there is for quarterbacks in Super Bowls and has a bunch as an NFL player as well. He’s 43, old for his chosen profession, but hey still going strong and at a very high-level. I really like that, so I’ll be watching the game with my guys dressed in Bucs gear (them not me) and rooting for old TB.

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