Tom Petty “American Treasure”!

Tom Petty was and still is one of my all-time favs. I think I saw him five or six times and I really can’t think of anyone who put on a better live show. He was real and focused on the audience while staying true to his music, yet still able to have some fun twists and turns along the way. I remember hearing the Heartbreakers debut album and just being blown away. Fall 1976 Punk was really making inroads into the rock world. It seemed to be taking over and although some of it had merit I wasn’t buying into a whole lot of it. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers comes along November 1976 and POW  Rock n Roll w/ a twist of punk, but it rocked !! Yeah there was “Breakdown” and “American Girl”, but try “Strangered In the Night” on for size or “Rockin’ Round With You” or “Anything That’s Rock n Roll”…..The bridge from Punk to Real Rock n Roll. There was hope for the music world yet. The sound of Petty’s voice, his vocal inclinations, the back beat sometimes double time riffs and the attitude….”Hey these punks play rock n roll”!!! Forward 40 years….Adria Petty opens her laptop and shares with a visitor home movie footage that her father shot in 1980. Her face lights up as the video and film director takes in the shaky camera work, at the moment projecting childlike joy at how much fun her rock ‘n’ roll star dad, Tom Petty, was having on tour that year. Adria, 44, discovered the footage  which she edited into a new video for the previously unreleased song “Keep A Little Soul” while going through her dad’s effects after his death Oct. 2 at age 66. The song makes an appearance on a forthcoming four-disc box set mining her dad’s considerable trove of archival recordings, photos and memorabilia that have gone into “Tom Petty — An American Treasure,” scheduled for release Sept. 28. In the the nearly four-decade-old Super 8 mm film, Petty, then 28 and basking in the acclaim from his breakthrough third album “Damn the Torpedoes,” is clearly in great spirits as he revels in the rough-and-tumble glories of the life on the road, something he’d only dreamed of as ascrawny kid in Gainesville, Fla. He’s clowning around some inglorious hotel room, getting shots of himself in the bathroom mirror, then turning the camera on his Heartbreakers bandmates goofing off on a hotel balcony.

Tom Petty American Treasure is coming:



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