Toni Stone – Go See It!

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I recently attended the Goodman Theater’s production of Toni Stone. What a great story!

Toni Stone was the first woman to play professional baseball as a regular on a big league team. She loved the game, even as a child, and loved memorizing baseball statistics. She just loved everything about the game.

In addition to being a woman, Toni was also African-American, and was therefore rejected by The All-American girls professional baseball league. She eventually played in The Negro League, as a member of the Indianapolis Clowns.

As you can imagine, Toni faced many obstacles, but the story is mostly about her perseverance and her triumphs. It’s a wonderfully uplifting story.

Toni Stone is currently playing at the Goodman Theater in Chicago, through February 26th. Read more and get your tickets HERE