Ugh … As Frank Sinatra once crooned … “And Now the End is near…”  Just a few more nights but let’s not mope … we are going to make the most of it!   First I have to thank Tim Thomas for not only filling in for me but also for the lovely piece he wrote last night.   Truly too kind!

Now onto my favorite river moments #2.

EVERYTHING NICK JAKUSZ !  Despite the fact that I have to spell check his last name every time I write it, I love every minute I have spent with this midday megastar!   We have laughed … we have planned … we have debated and even quarreled.  Nick is very good at reeling me in when I am misreading a work situation and feeling out of sorts.    He takes my advice occasionally and I value his opinion.   We have had so much fun.

So here is the moment when I first knew that Nick Jakusz was my kinda lad … when he lost a bet and his payment was to lip sync to a song of my choice.  Nick is a big classic rock fan so obviously I was going to go in a completely different direction!  I had him lip sync to Wham’s Last Christmas and it was rather spectacular … he committed to the part.   We went on to play board games, compare vinyl on Record Store Day, wear toga’s in February and of course the Emmy nominated (well it should have been) Game of Microphones.    He has such a great love of the Chicagoland area, it’s sports teams, it’s history and he is so knowledgeable about it all.   Speaking of knowledge … he actually knows how the studio works … which considering I don’t really … it’s rather handy for me.  He has answered my techie questions a million times and even showed me how to do studio things more than once (I’m really annoying!)

The only thing I love more than Nick Jakusz is his adorable family (I often refer to his wife as my favorite Jakusz – she is adorable!)  His kiddos are amazing and he is such a great hubbie and Dad.   I am so glad that I will be able to continue to follow this lovely family on social media but will really miss my daily banter with Nick.   (I plan on streaming his show in my new town and periodically texting him my thoughts and opinions so that his doesn’t miss me too much 😉 )