So we are on #3 of favorite River moments and it is one of the most fun nights of the year … RIVER PROM.   I started at the River a couple years ago right before River Prom.   So my first River Prom was where I first got to meet a lot of  the River family.   More importantly it was where I first got to share an adult beverage and hit the dance floor with my new work family.

It is also one of the rare occasions I got to see my future morning show partner.    The amazing Jan Shimek.  Sam and Jan in the Morning was pretty epic stuff (LOL) What a bundle of positivity that lad is.   I have so enjoyed every minute I got to share with him in person and on the air.  That lad needs to do a music pod cast … his music knowledge is outrageous … puts me to shame!

The River has a fabulous promotion team (aka The River Road Crew) who work so hard on so many events but especially River Prom.   The results are a super fun evening where not only do we all get to hang out together but I have met and had some serious fun with River listeners.  Don’t be surprised if you see me crashing next years River Prom!