Top Five Favorite River Moments #5

So all good things must come to an end and I am afraid due to my husband’s job my days at the River are numbered.  My last day doing the night shift will be next Thursday October 24th.  I am so very sad to say goodbye to my River listeners, we have had such fun.   But I know who ever brings you your nighttime Classic hits on the River after I go will be brilliant!

So I thought one of the ways to deal with the melancholy that I have been feeling about leaving the River is to reflect on my top 5 favorite River Moments … There have been so many great moments but #5 was an easy choice… THE MUSIC CHALLENGE

The Music Challenge came about because a friend of mine challenged me to a 30 day music challenge on Facebook.   I thought it was super fun and shared it with my listeners.   The only problem was after 30 days I didn’t want it to end … so I took on the task of coming up with my own questions and the rest is River History…

I have honestly loved every minute of the Music Challenge … I thank those of you who play almost every night.  Your musical knowledge is really impressive.  You have introduced me to artists and songs that I hadn’t heard before.  You have reminded me about forgotten gems and you have even given me some great ideas for Music Challenge questions.   I have read every one of your answers (during my show when I can … if not the next day).  Thank you for indulging me with this Facebook fun – I will truly miss our engagements – but am so happy we had the fun we did.