We’re not sure who needs this, but we’re sure there are some! Now sure, it’s more of a Christmas themed stunt, with the popularity of digital Yule logs and such, but hey, I’m just putting this out there!

Paramount+ released a three-hour loop of the beach-football scene from the hit film, “Top Gun, Maverick.” The company says, “Some folks might prefer staring at a crackling fire for their yuletide celebrations, but if you’re the type who feels the need for speed, a loop of Top Gun: Maverick’s sweaty beach football scene might be the holiday joy you’re looking for.”

The scene they shared is only 50 seconds long though! So if I do my math right, a three hour loop would mean the clip plays 216 times in the video! 216 times!

It might be too late to enjoy this for Christmas, but it sounds like a great way to end 2022! You know…if you’re into that sort of thing!

Top Gun: Maverick is now streaming on Paramount+.