I can’t believe that Toyland is almost open!  How exciting!  In one hour you can get access to the best toy deals this season.  I just took a sneak peek at the online catalog and they will have amazing prices on some hot toys.  My kiddo is kind of a weirdo.  She doesn’t really play with toys so I will head there after work and spend my time shopping in the games section.

We recently went to a birthday party for a girl in her class and I can tell you that I paid $24.99 elsewhere for the Go Glam Nail Stamper and today you can get one for $19.99.  (Furthermore I was ticked because that “toy” was labeled as a stationary product, not a toy, so when I spent $50 I did not save $10 on their stupid promotion.  Even though they had signs directly over that product advertising their promo-ugh!)  I am glad I have the opportunity to help you save the five smackers.  Its aggravating to over-pay for something.

The price on the Lite-Brite is also very good.  We got one of those from our friend Jacquelyn and BB loves it.  Does anyone know if they have more templates now?  Ours only came with two and it seems weird to use all the black ink on your personal printer to make more.

Good Luck Shopping with Mitch this morning…save some stuff for me, I can’t get there til after 10am.