Toys For Christmas Are A Bit Harder To Find This Year!

You better watch out  You better not cry  Better not pout  I’m telling you why  Santa Claus is comin’ to town! OK OK I know it’s just October 1st, but lots of folks are out there getting that holiday shopping done and there’s a problem. Toys. Most American toys come from China, and usually that trip lasts about a month. Now it’s taking two, three, even four months. That means fewer trips, and with a time crunch for the holidays. That’s a toy shortage people. I have to admit I’ve pretty much bailed on buying lots of stuff and sending it out. Use to, but now I send my daughters money and they do the shopping. They know better what the kids, big and small, want. I still do a little, but Pop Pop is benevolent from a far cause they’re all out o town. This toy shortage thing could put a real crimp in Christmas. See below.

Santa’s Sleigh Is Looking Emptier. Fewer Toys & Higher Prices Loom For The Holidays.