Travel tips for this weekend

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and this weekend is expected to be the biggest weekend since before the beginning of the pandemic. Thousands of flights have already been canceled, and lines will be long, so be prepared.

I hate leaving for the airport too early, but if I was flying this weekend I would absolutely make it a priority. Also, once you get to the airport, be prepared! Have your travel documents ready as well as your id. People who are fumbling for their documents add a lot of extra time to those long lines.

Be patient. Be kind. Everyone is doing their best. The airlines are understaffed, because more people are returning to air travel than was anticipated.

If you’re driving, also leave yourself lots of extra time, and be extra careful. There are going to be intoxicated people on the road. Don’t be one of them. In addition to the safety issue, the cops will be out in full force looking for impaired drivers.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!