I have to be honest, I was expecting The Little Mermaid Live to be a lot more live than that.

And it looks like I wasn’t the only one with those feelings! Whenever there is a big, national event like this you better believe I’ll be on Twitter watching people’s reaction. A lot of times the Tweeting public is more entertaining than the subject in question. The Little Mermaid Live was no different!

My biggest knock against it was how not-live it was! The only live portion of the show were the big musical numbers! Most were really good (John Stamos, Queen Latifah), some were not that great (the big note at the end of “Part of Your World”, anything from Shaggy). But if I wanted to watch the movie I could have dug it up from the basement!

I’m not often disappointed with a Disney production…but this one was just OK. And that’s sad because I was expecting excellent!