Two Guys in Wisconsin Stole a Sculpture of Humpty Dumpty Sitting on a Toilet

The great thing about art is you like what you like, and no one can say you’re wrong!

Cops in Madison, Wisconsin are looking for two guys accused of stealing a bronze sculpture of Humpty Dumpty sitting on the john.

The name of the piece is “Dumpty Humpty.” The artist says it’s worth $1,400.

She was selling stuff at an art fair on Saturday and noticed two men hanging out near her booth, who seemed suspicious. Then she left for a minute. And when she came back, they were gone, and so was the statue.

Cops posted a few security shots and hope someone can I.D. them. They think at least one of them is a college kid in his early 20s. No word on if they have anything…to go on! (ahhh, sorry)

They also released a photo of the sculpture, which shows Humpty . . . mid-dumpty . . . with his pants down around his ankles.